2-9-16 Update

I guess I’ve been a little busy and haven’t been updating enough! Things with the house have been rolling along as planned. Foundation work is complete and I believe the builders are waiting on an inspection before framing starts, but the supplies are ready and waiting! The neighbor also put in some screening trees yesterday… Continue reading 2-9-16 Update

House update 1-28-16

I’ve been a little busy and haven’t been posting as much. Between the house stuff, taxes, school, ice storm, and both my mother and father in laws needing help with medical stuff it’s been a crazy week.  Except for bad storm days from Jonas, the crew has been working pretty steadily on the foundation process.… Continue reading House update 1-28-16

Sad day…

                              Last night we found on of our chickens dead. We suspected hawk or owl. We know we are moving and can’t take them, but hadn’t wanted to rehome them just yet. With the danger of the hawks and not wanting to put the money and time into reinforcing something… Continue reading Sad day…

Monday Morning House Update 1-18-16

They were finishing up digging the footings. Here are the pictures my new neighbor sent me:                   So it looks like they finished the footings and delivered the bricks, blocks, sand, and dumpster! Now it just needs to stay dry and preferably warmer while they work!  

Fridays Fantastic List of Happy

I’ve decided that on Fridays, no matter how bad the week might be, that I will compile a list of good things that happened during the past week. Here’s the inaugural list: My youngest gave me 21 kisses and said the last was for the next baby I get pregnant with. They started the real… Continue reading Fridays Fantastic List of Happy

Book Review: Avoiding Miscarriage by Susan Rousselot

*Post contains affiliate links.    I finally finished reading Avoiding Miscarriage: Everything you need to know to feel more confident in pregnancy by Susan Rousselot. This was the second book that was listed in the miscarriage forum on Babycenter.com. The author has suffered miscarriage and decided to research and write this book when she couldn’t… Continue reading Book Review: Avoiding Miscarriage by Susan Rousselot

Footings and Porta Potties

My new neighbor has been kind enough to supply me with a picture of one of the guys digging the holes for the footings for the house. He said they also dropped off the porta potty. Thank goodness for that! Don’t want anyone pooping in the woods… By the end of the week they should… Continue reading Footings and Porta Potties